Wind Tunnel Testing for Laboratory and Healthcare Facilities

Ambient Air Technologies, LLC (AAT) specializes in wind-tunnel testing and consulting services for architects, engineers, facilities planners, and owners who are concerned with air quality issues associated with exhaust systems from laboratories or healthcare facilities.

Using the largest boundary-layer wind tunnel in North America and the very latest in high-technology automation and instrumentation, AAT can provide you with fast, accurate results that take less of a bite out of your overall budget than competing firms or technologies. Using a scale model of your building and its surroundings, a wind-tunnel study is the most accurate dispersion modeling tool available today for external air flow around bulidings. The ability to take measurements in a controlled environment gives the building owner, the architect, the design engineer, and the neighboring building occupants the assurance that the best available technology has been used in the design of the building's exhaust system.

In today's global environment, laboratory and healthcare facility planners and owners must be keenly aware of air quality issues which include high
concentrations of toxic efflue
nts and/or odors which may reenter the built environment while at the same time reducing exhaust fan energy consumption, and ensure pedestrian access/comfort levels.

Most new or renovated facilities are located in dense building environments such as "campus" type settings. Whether your project is an industrial application, a pharmaceutical or biotechnology environment, a university research facility, a patient-care facility, or any combination, wind-tunnel testing is the most accurate tool available today for measuring and indexing odors and chemical concentrations as well as working toward sustainable design through exhaust fan energy reduction.

What gives Ambient Air Technologies the edge over competition?

  • Price
  • Schedule
  • Technically superior facilities and instrumentation
  • Staff with over 40 years of past experience in air quality research and application including wind-tunnel modeling
  • Built-in quality control procedures
  • Minimal demands on the client
  • Leading edge techniques continually developed
  • Team approach to client services
  • Repeat clients
Browse through the links to other pages within our web site and see for yourself how AAT's wind-tunnel testing services have benefitted other clients. Consider the added value Ambient Air Technologies can bring to your project by use of this well-established technology. We invite you to contact us with any questions. We are pleased to schedule telephone and on-site consultations as well.
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